“Orak, your Tempus Machine might have competition,” said Scorch interrupting Orak’s reading time.

“That’s not possible,” Orak looked up, dismissing Scorch’s claim, “My Tempus Machine runs on the great MysticLand magic. But what made you say so?”

“A startup in Switzerland called Destinus is on a mission to reduce flight travel time. Destinus has already launched two successful prototypes (sample models). They build supersonic flights that can travel much faster than the usual aeroplanes.”

Orak replied, “Supersonic flights travel faster than the speed of sound. If the flight travels that fast, it will require more fuel to fly right? It will cause more air pollution.”

“You are wise, Orak,” remarked Scorch, “Destinus uses sustainable hydrogen for fuel. Hydrogen does not produce any unhealthy pollutants when used as fuel. It keeps the environment free from harmful gases. They even bought another company, OPRA, to help them with hydrogen fuel.

Let me give you an example. With Destinus supersonic flights, the journey from Frankfurt, Germany to Sydney, Australia would take only 4 hours and 15 minutes.”

Orak was stunned, “This is unbelievable! The usual flight time from Frankfurt to Germany is almost 21 hours. The flight time is reduced by 75%! Destinus is set to create history.”

Scorch smiled wide and replied, “The third prototype will be tested by the end of this year. Destinus hopes to fly a flight which can carry 25 passengers by 2030. If it’s successful, then improved versions will be released for use by 2040.”

Orak closed his book and said, “I must see this supersonic flight. Let’s fly to Switzerland, Scorch!”