The Gifted Four were glued to the screen in the MysticLand SciencyPark. The screen showed a beautiful, colorful cloud in the dark sky. It was surrounded by stars.

“This is so beautiful. What is it, Orak?” Verum asked, all starry-eyed.

“It is like a supernova. Supernovae are giant explosions of stars. But it is much brighter and has lasted much longer than supernovae do. So scientists think it is a huge explosion caused by a black hole swallowing a huge amount of gas and dust,” Orak replied, equally starry-eyed.

“What’s a black hole? I forgot,” Felix blushed.

“A black hole is a super dense region that doesn’t let anything escape once it enters,” Orak smiled.

“Woah! How did scientists discover it,” Scorch prompted.

“Scientists at the Zwicky Transient Facility in California, United States, first saw this great amount of light coming from a region in the sky in 2020. Then recently, scientists at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom sat with the data and realized the explosion was the biggest yet,” Orak explained.

“I hope the humans are safe,” Scorch prayed out loud.

“Don’t worry about it,” Orak smiled, “It is 8 billion light years away – even light would need 8 billion years to travel to Earth!”

Verum sighed, “What a relief! This is incredible to witness.”

“Indeed,” Orak nodded.