“Meta has come up with new tools to help parents limit their teenage child’s screen time,” Scorch shared with Verum, Orak, and Felix, “Screen time is time spent using a device such as a computer, television, or games console. It is not recommended for children to spend a lot of time on mobile phones or computers.”

“That’s true! But hang on, Meta? Isn’t that the company that owns the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram?” Orak said.

“Yes, it is,” Scorch replied, “A few years ago, Meta bought Oculus, a company that makes Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. VR is a computer technology that gives us the illusion of being in a different place or a different world. This illusion that we are in a different place or world is called the virtual reality space. VR headsets are used to enter the virtual reality space.”

Scorch continued, “Oculus has come up with a new Quest VR headset. It can be used by everyone who is above 13 years old. But parents are worried about the kind of information their kids will come across through the headset. Will they see something scary? Will they be safe online?

So, Oculus has launched new tools to give parents control of their child’s VR experience.”

“What sort of things can the parents control?” Verum said.

“Parents can lock applications they don’t want their teen child to see. They can block their child from downloading and buying applications. They can also link to their child’s accounts. They will be able to see how much time their child is spending in VR and their list of friends in Oculus,”

“Awesome, now teenagers can enjoy the VR experience and stay safe,” Felix said.

“Instagram has also rolled out a few measures. It aims to give parents control over their child’s time on Instagram. They will be able to see how much time their teenage child is spending on Instagram. Parents can set the hours during which their child can use the app. They can also receive updates on the what accounts follow their child or accounts they follow,” Scorch said.

“These new controls are called Family Center,” Scorch concluded.