Scorch walked into Felix’s colourful garden and said, “I have interesting news for you! It’s regarding your favourite gaming industry.”
“I am all ears!” said Felix, while fixing the tiny blooms in his garden.
“The American multinational tech giant Microsoft has bid to buy Activision Blizzard, an American video gaming company. A bid is an offer set forth by an individual or a business to buy a product, service, or company,” Scorch said.
“Why is Microsoft keen on buying Activision Blizzard, Scorch?” asked Felix.
“Microsoft wants to increase their Xbox streaming service, Felix,” explained Scorch, “You already know that Xbox is a gaming company created by Microsoft, right?”
Felix nodded, and Scorch continued, “Fun fact: Microsoft already bid 69 billion US dollars to buy Activision Blizzard, but it was rejected.
Then Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, placed a new offer again recently to buy the gaming company. The decision is expected to come on 18 October.”
“Let’s hope for the best for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard,” exclaimed Felix, retiring from the garden tasks after watering the plants.