The Gifted Four were out trekking and landed in the middle of a forest. As Scorch rested her hand over a tree, Felix noticed a tree that looked really old. He remembered the United Kingdom’s (UK) non-profit organisation’s work around ancient trees.

“Woodland Trust has created an amazing list called the ‘Ancient Tree Inventory’.”

“Ancient Tree Inventory? What’s that?” Orak leaned in to know more.

“It’s a list of ancient trees in the UK. But what’s cool is that it’s not just a list, but a project where anyone who knows about any ancient tree can record and share its location and details,” Felix explained.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Verum said, “We have so many ancient in MysticLand. Let’s give their names?”

“Sure, Verum. But, a gentle reminder, we are Mysticals and humans can’t enter MysticLand!” Orak said, being his usual sarcastic self. Verum laughed out loud realising her mistake and said, “Oh, yes! How did I forget that? But, Felix, why ancient trees specifically?”

“Good question! Ancient trees are super important for forests. They’ve stood the test of time and stood tall even during storms, forest fires, resisted insects, cold weather, etc. and therefore, their seeds carry important genetic information for future trees to adapt to changing conditions.”

“So, how many ancient trees are on this list?” Scorch wondered.

“Italy has a tree registry with about 22,000 trees, but the UK’s Ancient Tree Inventory has almost ten times as many! It’s huge! Woodland Trust has also developed an app and website with maps to guide anyone who wishes to explore these amazing trees,” Felix replied.

“It’s like a treasure hunt for ancient trees!” said Scorch.

“Exactly! Woodland Trust even has a ‘Tree of the Year’ contest to raise awareness about these incredible ancient trees,” concluded Felix.

As the Gifted Four discussed the Ancient Tree Inventory, they couldn’t help but appreciate the dedication of those working to preserve these natural wonders for generations to come. They even decided to trek in an area based on the inventory.