“Look at that trail of cars! I don’t know when they will be able to reach back home,” said Scorch. Felix entered the dorm and was perplexed seeing the endless queues of cars. “What is this great escape about,” gasped Felix.
“Well put, Felix. It is truly an escape. We are looking at the aftermath of heavy rainfall that paused the Burning Man festival recently and the revellers were stuck in a huge jam while heading back home,” replied Scorch.
“Burning Man? That sounds scary!” asked an anxious Felix.
Orak and Scorch laughed, and Scorch explained to Felix, “Burning Man is a nine-day annual festival celebrating art, self-expression and community held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States (US). This year, the desert received an unexpected downpour, making it impossible for the festival to continue. It is believed that this rainfall was the longest and heaviest ever, occurring after 30 years in the desert.
Out of the 72,000 people who came to the festival, over 64,000 people were completely stranded.
The festival never allowed people to drive vehicles inside besides entering and exiting the camp. This ban was lifted to help people travel back to their homes.”
“That’s wonderful! Let’s pray for all the stranded people to reach their homes safely,” said Felix and closed his eyes.
“The festival concluded on Monday,” Scorch assured her friends.