When the Mysticals arrived at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, New York City, they were stunned by its unique shape. Felix thought that it looked like a stack of giant white onion rings.
Then Verum looked into her crystal ball and explained, “The museum was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. And when it was completed in 1959, some critics made fun of it and others praised it.”
“How could anyone ever dislike the design of this museum? It’s so much nicer to look at than a regular square-shaped one!” thought Scorch. Orak added, “It is said that people are more fascinated by the way this museum looks rather than the masterpieces it has inside by Picasso, van Gogh, Pollock, Monet, and Degas.” The Gifted Four spent quite a few hours here, admiring every masterpiece that caught their eyes.