“Everybody! Pack your sleeping bags! We’ll sleep under the stars tonight!” said Verum with joy. “Sleep under the stars? Let’s do it!” replied Felix with a whole new level of happiness. The Mysticals then reached Lapland, as planned.

“So, why are we sleeping under the stars today?” asked Scorch. “To see the Northern Lights! Or as they call it ‘the Aurora Borealis’. It’s a natural light display in the sky which is seen especially in the polar regions. They occur when charged particles from the sun enter Earth’s magnetic field and crash into the atoms in our atmosphere, many small light-bulb-like things called photons.

This light display is a mixture of red, green, pink, and purple. It’s so beautiful that millions of people across the world come to Finland just to see these lights!” Then Felix suddenly screamed, “Everyone, look! It has started! The sky is lit with the prettiest colours ever!”