“Who wants to go to a national park with a desert landscape having green gorges?” asked Verum, looking into her crystal ball.
“Desert and greenery together? Me! Me! Take me!” said Felix, jumping with excitement.
Then Orak quickly opened a portal and took Verum, Felix, and Scorch to the Isalo National Park in Madagascar.
Once they arrived at the park, Scorch said, “My, my! It’s like a museum of landscapes, showing off yellow savannah grasses, vertical rock walls, lush vegetation, and deep canyon floors with slithering streams!”
“Oh, look! A blue pool! Let’s go swimming,” said Felix with joy and dived right in.
The other three went on to see the other sides of the 800-sq-km park.
“I see so many different kinds of birds here!” said Scorch.
“That’s because 70% of them are native to Isalo like the Benson rock thrush,” replied Verum.
After a cooling dip, Felix joined the others and explored the park with lemurs, giant eels, rock reptiles, and crocodiles.