Today, the Mysticals shopped at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar in Egypt. They bought so many things that Orak had to open a portal and send all their purchases to their dorm in MysticLand instead of carrying them.
“It looks like an old Arab Souk. A souk is a word used to describe a marketplace in northern Africa or the Middle East. It mainly has a large area buzzing with stalls,” said Scorch.
Felix had the most fun with everything that caught his attention. Shopkeepers shouted and called everyone to their shops; various spices tickled his nose. It made him sneeze (thrice, actually), avid shoppers haggled for a good price, and the narrow alleyways made him lose his way several times.
After that, Verum constantly held one of his legs while he slowly flew with them, exploring the lively bazaar.
“There’s so much to buy here! I see statues, souvenirs, soap powder, spices, t-shirts, semi-precious stones, silver jewellery, belly-dancing costumes, and so many things I can’t even name. It’s a medieval-style mall, I say,” exclaimed Scorch.
The Gifted Four ended their tour with a traditional cup of tea at the popular Fishawi’s cafe.