Amidst the vast green forest, the Gifted Four felt rejuvenated. They were visiting the Amazon Rainforest in South America, the Earth’s largest tropical rainforest teeming with an incredible diversity of plant and animal species.

“I hope this place never changes,” Scorch said with a twirl, enjoying the bounties of nature.

“Well, you’re not alone. More people wish to preserve this place. Recently, Amazon Summit was held in Brazil, South America. It brought together eight South American countries where the Amazon is spread,” Felix shared.

“What did they discuss,” Orak eagerly followed up.

“The nations were asked to continue cooperation, reduce deforestation and illegal mining from the Amazon. They even ideated the creation of an international court to punish environmental crimes,” Felix recollected.

“That’s wonderful! If they follow everything thoroughly, the impact would be massive,” Verum smiled.

“Precisely. They also discussed some issues that need to be resolved, like carbon credits. Carbon credits are like rewards for reducing pollution. When a company creates less pollution, it can buy credit worth a certain amount of pollution reduction. This money is meant to help environmental projects. In the Amazon, some companies are using these credits to help save forests. But the rules for these credits aren’t strict yet.

Despite some obstacles, the Amazon supporters believe that using carbon credits could help protect the Amazon while also benefiting the people who live there, so this was discussed at length at the summit too,” Felix explained.

“This place deserves every effort of preservation,” Orak said.