“And we land in Chennai. A few days back in time. It’s Saturday, eh? Why? Because Scorch wanted to see the Asian Hockey Champions Trophy final game LIVE!” Orak was mumbling to himself begrudgingly.
“Of course! India beat Malaysia to emerge as the winner of this championship. How can we miss it?” Scorch shushed Orak.
“Scorch, you brought me here without giving me any information,” Felix was interested to know more.
“Okay, before stepping inside the ground. Let me brief you three so that I am not asked questions during the game,” Scorch shushed everyone and began with a never seen before joy, “We are at the Asian Champions Trophy finals. Asian Hockey Federation started organising this hockey competition in 2011. This year, the Asian Champions Trophy was held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Six teams competed for the trophy – China, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, South Korea, and Japan.
First, each team played five games. The top four teams with highest points entered the semifinals.
India stormed into the semifinals, crushed Japan with a 5-0 win and entered the finals to face Malaysia. Malaysia defeated South Korea in the semifinals.
India was two goals behind in the beginning. But the Indian team, led by captain Harmanpreet Singh, emerged from the brink to victory.”
“Hockey is India’s national sport, right? Kudos to India!” exclaimed Felix.
“That too. And also, India has won the emerged winner of Asian Champions Trophy four times in total, Followed by Pakistan with three titles.”
“Who is the one grumbling to watch such a thrilling match?” Orak now changed his tune and entered the stadium with a big smile.
“Yes, who was it? Was it you?” Scorch nodded and made her the popcorn using fireballs.