The four Mysticals were running helter-skelter at the Toronto airport. Verum, Orak, Scorch, and Felix had reached their new travel destination Canada but their luggage hadn’t arrived yet!
“I am worried. I have read so many stories about luggage getting lost at airports,” said Verum.
“Really?” Orak said, surprised.
Scorch nodded and said, “In 2019, 19 million bags and suitcases arrived late and a few million were lost forever. Recently, the number of passengers who reported lost luggage is 30% higher than in 2019!”
“That is so sad. Usually, luggage has clothes and other valuable things. Why is the luggage getting lost,” Felix inquired.
“It is due to staff shortage at the airport. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world was under lockdown. No one was traveling anywhere. Now people have started going abroad for vacations again. The staff is unable to meet this high demand,” Scorch answered.
“Is there any solution to this problem? Maybe the airlines can hire more staff,” Verum suggested.
“Yes, that is one solution. But there are also many companies coming up with innovative ways to prevent this,” Scorch said.
Scorch said, “The Israeli company SeeTrue has made software that can do faster security scans on check-in luggage. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other algorithms. It is much faster than humans! AI is the ability of computers to think and learn. An algorithm is a set of guidelines to perform a task.
The United Kingdom (UK) technology company, AirPortr is using a different way. It allows flight passengers to schedule a luggage pick up and a drop off at their homes. So, passengers don’t have to queue up at the airport to check in their luggage!”
“I hope the new technology helps prevent airline luggage loss. Let me summon our luggage with my magic so we can be on our way to explore Canada!” Orak said.
“Thank you, Orak!” Felix, Scorch, and Verum chorused.