“Verum, remember how you often wished that humans avoid eating unhealthy foods? Your wish could be coming true!” said Scorch. Verum got too excited, and the crystal ball almost slipped from her hands when she heard the news.

“Watch out!” Scorch gasped in terror. Verum held the crystal ball in time and carefully placed it on the table, “Tell me more!”

“There is a food-based company called Danone headquartered in Paris, France, and has stores worldwide. Danone in the UK (United Kingdom) has planned to reduce eating unhealthy foods by increasing the tax rates for those foods. James Mayer, Danone UK president, has called to increase taxes on sugary, fatty, and salty foods,” narrated Scorch.

“Tax is a fee that people pay to the government which will later be used for the public’s welfare,” Orak interrupted.

Scorch continued, “In 2018, the UK put a sugar tax on the purchase of soft drinks. This program led to a 14.9% decrease in sugary cereal consumption and a 13.5% decrease in sugary yoghurts. The government declared that junk food cannot be advertised on television after 9 pm in the UK after October 2025.

The idea is to increase taxes on unhealthy processed foods and use that money to give fresh fruits and vegetables to needy families. It is challenging, and companies need more time to incorporate this into their products.”

Verum listened wide-eyed all along and said, “This is brilliant! Less intake of unhealthy foods leads to a healthier lifestyle. I hope the increased taxes don’t burden common people.”

Scorch and Orak nodded in approval.