“Veruuuuum. Veruuuuuum. Where are you?” Orak called out to his friend from the dorm’s hallway. “I am here, Orak,” replied Verum. She was sitting on a chair in the dorm room, with her crystal ball in her hands.
“We have to hurry,” Orak entered the dorm room and pulled on Verum’s arm. “There are kids lost in the jungle of Colombia. We must hurry and rescue them. I have my Tempus Machine ready. Let’s go!”
“Wait, wait,” Verum said, “Orak, I have good news for you. The kids have been rescued.”
“Really? Thank goodness,” Orak stopped and breathed a sigh of relief.
“What’s happening?” Scorch asked as she entered the dorm room.
“On May 1, 2023, there was a plane crash in Colombia. Colombia is a country in South America. All three adults on the plane lost their lives. Three kids and a baby survived the crash but they were lost in the jungle of Colombia. No one could find them,” Verum said.
“What happened next?” Felix was getting worried.
“Military and rescue teams started searching the jungle for the kids. It was not an easy task as the jungle was vast. But for weeks, they followed the kids’ trail.
First, they found the crashed aeroplane. Then they found things the kids had left behind in places they ate or sheltered. The team found a baby bottle, hair scrunchies, scissors, and plastic wrappings. They followed this trail and finally, after five long weeks, they found the lost kids!” said Verum.
“Hurray!” Orak rejoiced.
“How old are the kids? How did they survive for so many days? There are wild animals in the jungle! How are they?” Felix had a lot of questions.
Verum answered, “The kids are 13, 9, and 4 years old. And the baby is only 12 months old. They belong to a native community of Colombia. So, they knew where to look for food and shelter. This helped them survive in the jungle.”
“A courageous tale of survival. The kids were so brave!” Scorch declared.