“Today, we’re getting on a ferry!” said Verum enthusiastically.
“Why? Where are we going?” asked Felix.
Verum replied, “To see Suomenlinna, the sea fortress in Helsinki, Finland! It comprises six islands that can only be accessed by boat and were built around the mid-18th century.
We’ll visit many museums and see the fancy fortress walls and the country’s last remaining WWII submarine.
“We can even have a picnic on its unending patches of green grass. Also, we’ll get to see the Russian church built in 1854 which doubles as a lighthouse for both sea and air traffic!”
Orak added, “When we’re there, we mustn’t miss seeing the Monumental King’s Gate which was built around 1754 as a two-floor fortress wall with a double drawbridge and a stairway. We must also walk through the fortress’s secret tunnels.”
“It sounds like a fun place,” said Felix and Scorch. “Let’s get going already!”