The Mysticals visited Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Italy. The sprawling premises of the castle surprised them.
Verum read from her crystal ball, “There are seven museums inside this castle which display strands of Milan’s civic and cultural history.”
“Wow, seven museums in one castle!” said Felix, wondering how it fits.
Orak added, “At the beginning, this iconic red-brick castle was a Visconti Fortress (Visconti was the ruling family of Milan from 1277 to 1447). Then it became the home of the great Sforza Dynasty, the rulers of Renaissance Milan.”
“Tell me something about the museums here, Verum,” said Felix, curious to learn more about the castle.
Verum said, “Well, the Museum of Ancient Art has frescoes by da Vinci, early paleo-Christian sculptures, sculpted reliefs showing Milan’s victory over Barbarossa, and the lovely equestrian tomb of Bernarb√≤ Visconti. The Furniture Museum and Picture Gallery exhibit everything, right from writing desks and ducal wardrobes to Lombard Gothic art.”
The Gifted Four instantly fell in love with the castle.