Kurum was purring next to Verum, eyes closed and a content expression on its face. Suddenly, its eyes opened and flashed with indignation. Verum had stopped stroking Kurum’s fur and the MysticBeast didn’t like that one bit.

Verum giggled and went back to petting Kurum. Verum said, “Ooh, look there is news from the United States (US).”

Kurum’s ears perked up with interest. Verum added, “And there is similar news from Australia too!”

“What is the news?” said Felix, reading Kurum’s mind, “Tell us already!”

“US President Joe Biden had released an executive order asking about four million federal workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by 22nd November,” said Verum, “An executive order is a directive (official instruction) issued by the President of the United States (POTUS). These directives are not legislation or law. The Congress doesn’t approve them, and so, it cannot overturn them.”

“Oh, it seems like an executive order carries a lot of weight,” remarked Scorch, “And the order instructs that people working for various federal agencies like the White House, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Homeland Security, etc. must get their Covid-19 shots by in the next six days.”

“You’re right!” said Verum, “In agencies like the White House, nearly all the staff are vaccinated. But in other agencies such as those related to law enforcement, the numbers are lower. That’s why President Biden has made this push.”

“Okay, how are the workers reacting?” said Scorch.

“Some workers are resisting. They have begun filing lawsuits against this directive,” said Verum, “They believe that it is wrong of the government to make vaccines mandatory as it diminishes their freedom.”

“Oh,” said a shocked Scorch.

“President Biden’s office is also working on a plan to make vaccination mandatory for private-sector employees by January 2022,” said Verum, “However, if the federal workers are resisting such an order, the private sector employees might do the same. And this will pose problems.”

“Correct,” said Scorch, “And what about Australia?”

“A similar situation is unfolding there,” said Verum, “Victoria, an Australian state, has made Covid-19 vaccines mandatory for workers in services such as grocery stores, banks, public transportation, agriculture, health services, etc. But people are protesting even there.”

“Hmm, it’s a tricky question,” said Scorch, “But I think it’s better to get vaccinated. The pandemic is still going on.”