The weather was slowly turning wintry in MysticLand. Verum already had her sweater and a fluffy muffler out. It never hurts to be prepared. Meanwhile, Scorch danced around in her usual clothes. After all, when you’re made of fire, it’s easy to stay warm.

On a particularly chilly day, Verum sat in front of her crystal ball wrapped in a blanket. She was world-gazing and looking at the happenings around the globe. A few minutes later, her eyes widened in surprise and Verum shivered. She called out to Scorch, “Oi Scorch! This news will surely interest you!”

Verum knew her friend was into mountaineering. Scorch loved striding up the Himalayas. She had trekked up quite a few snow-capped peaks. This wasn’t quite that but…

“What is it?” said Scorch holding Verum’s hand which immediately warmed up.

“Captain Harpreet Chandi, a Sikh British Army Officer, has set out on a journey to an unusual destination,” said Verum.

“Mount Everest?” said Scorch with excitement, “Is she summiting Mount Everest?”

“No, she is traveling to the South Pole!” replied Verum, “The 32-year-old physiotherapist (someone who treats people using physical treatments such as massage and exercise) is aiming to become the first Indian-origin woman to complete a solo, unsupported expedition to the South Pole!”

“Whoa, that is so cool,” exclaimed Scorch, “Traveling to the South Pole is so challenging! Captain Chandi will have to travel in temperatures around minus fifty degrees Celsius with swift winds.”

“Yes! And she will make the 700-mile trek all alone while pulling a sled. It will take about 45-47 days!” said Verum, “She flew out to Chile in South America just yesterday. Chandi will start her journey from there.”

“Oh, I wish I could follow it!” said Scorch.

“You can! Polar Preet, as she is called, will be updating daily voice blogs. She will also upload a live tracking map so that people can follow her journey,” said Verum, “And then, you always have my crystal ball.”

“Yay, awesome!” said Scorch.