Verum returned to the Mystical dorm room after a long day at MysticLand Elementia School. She planned to crawl into her bed for a nice nap. But the moment she stepped into the room, her crystal ball began its usual low humming. It sensed its Seer companion’s presence.

What else could Verum do but world-gaze? As she grasped the news, her face scrunched up. Scorch, who had walked in after Verum, asked, “What is the news, Verum?”

Scorch then noticed her friend’s face. She asked, “Why do you have that expression? Is it bad news?”

“Not quite,” replied Verum, “But it is rather complicated.”

“Well, then, why don’t you stick to the facts?” suggested Scorch.

“That is an excellent idea,” said Verum, “To put it shortly, the United States Congress passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill this week. It’s an enormous achievement for President Joe Biden. After all, it’s an important part of his economic agenda.”

“Okay, that sounds interesting,” said Scorch, “Go on.”

“From what I understand, there are two bills that Biden’s government wanted to pass. One is this infrastructure bill while another is a bigger social welfare bill,” continued Verum, “Many Democrats, that is, members of Biden’s party are reluctant to support the social welfare bill. That’s why the passing of this infrastructure bill is such a big deal. The Senate (the upper chamber of the US Congress) passed it in August. And now, the House of Representatives (the lower chamber of the US Congress) did the same.”

“Okay,” said Scorch, “But what is the bill about?”

“It covers a wide range of developments. Let me look into it deeper,” said Verum, “The bill will fund major road and bridges projects, including repairing older bridges. The bill will also enhance transportation safety. Along with this, it will aim to modernize transit and rail, including replacing rail and bus vehicles with zero-emission models. This will help the environment.”

“Wow, that’s a lot,” said Scorch.

“There’s more,” replied Verum, “It will invest in improving the nation’s internet systems as well as upgrade airports and ports. The bill will also improve power systems and expand renewable energy.”

“Of course, this is a summary,” added Verum, “The bill itself will be much more detailed.”