After seeing the man-made attractions of New York City, Mysticals wished to see a little of nature. Verum suggested that they go to Central Park in Manhattan.

On reaching the park, Felix said, “Whoa, it’s so big! And because of all this snow, I feel like I’m in some winter wonderland!”

Orak read from his travel book, “We can ski on the wide-open meadows of the park and do ice skating in the Wollman Rink or Lasker Rink. We must also visit the Central Park Zoo to meet the cute seals, sea lions, penguins, and snow leopards. And then, we’ll go sledding on Pilgrim Hill or Cedar Hill on the fresh snow!”

Verum added, “We’ll also stop by the Bethesda Terrace, see the Bethesda Fountain, and climb the Belvedere Castle for a great view of the park.”

Felix flew high and targeted every Mystical with snowballs.