Felix was out of control. He was flying, clapping, dancing, singing, and going round and round.

Scorch shouted, “Felix, I know your favorite team won the World Cup. Stop spinning, you will become dizzy.”

Verum saw the scene and cried, “What in the MysticLand is wrong with Felix?”

“In a historic and super classic match, Argentina beat France to lift the FIFA World Cup 2022, held in Qatar last Sunday. Argentina won the finals after 36 years. Felix was rooting for Argentina, and now he is super happy,” laughed Scorch.

As he flew across the room, Felix said, “Also, don’t forget the legendary player, Lionel Messi! This was his last world cup match. This win for Argentina has made Messi the world champion too. He is one of the great players in the history of football!”

“Wow! Scorch, I want to know more about the final,” Verum was now very interested.

Scorch said, “Argentina and France scored three goals each in the final. Then the match went for a penalty shootout. In the penalty shootout, France scored two goals but Argentina scored four goals and became the champion.”

“What is a penalty shootout, Scorch?” asked a jumping Felix.

“When both the teams score an equal number of goals and the time for the game has ended then a penalty shootout is held. In this, players from each team are given five chances to score goals. The team that scores the most goals is the winner.

Argentina scored more goals than France during the penalty shootout, so they became the champions,” described Scorch.

“That is awesome!” exclaimed Verum, “Orak, can your Tempus Machine go back in time and take us to watch the FIFA final game?”

Orak happily replied, “Of course, Verum! Let’s go.”