Verum and Felix were looking intently into Verum’s crystal ball. “That looks like a forest,” Scorch said standing far behind Verum.

“Felix just gave me an update about Canada’s forests so we were checking out the beautiful fauna of the country,” Verum turned and waved at Scorch.

“Canada recently expressed its concern to the European Union’s rules to reduce deforestation (the permanent loss of a forest),” Felix added.

“The European Union,” Orak prodded, feeling slightly forgetful.

“The European Union (EU) is an international political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.

This time, to save planet Earth from the bad effects of climate change, the EU recently proposed a new law. When this new law comes into effect, it will stop many European countries from consuming any product that adds to deforestation or degradation of forests,” Felix explained.

“This is incredible. From the business point of view, all countries in the EU are big consumers of such products and have big markets for such products. This move will help the Earth so very much! But, question: Why is Canada resisting this law,” Scorch asked.

“That’s very correct, Scorch,” Felix nodded, “Now coming to Canada. It is not against the law. It also wants to stop deforestation, but it wants small revisions to the law.”

“I hope all countries do what’s best for our environment. Forests are beautiful and home to so many plants and animals,” Orak said, peering into Verum’s crystal ball.