“Scorch, what are you busily doing on the computer for a long time?” asked Verum.

“I am trying to buy a 3D-printed violin,” said Scorch.

Felix inquired, “3D printing, what is that?”

Scorch turned towards Felix and explained, “3D printing stands for three-dimensional printing. 3D is any object that has length, width, and height. 3D printing is a method to create 3D objects from a design on the computer.”

“Whoa! That is super cool,” exclaimed Felix, “Tell me more about these 3D-printed violins, Scorch.”

Scorch faced Felix and said, “Since the cost of a good quality violin is very high, the Acoustical Society of America is making violins through 3D printing. This will help many people to get a violin and learn to play easily.”

Verum remarked, “That is a great initiative!”

Felix asked, “How are these violins made?”

“A material called polymer is used to create these 3D-printed violins.”

“That’s nice,” Felix joined Scorch by looking into the computer and said, “Buy a 3D-printed violin for me as well, Scorch.”