Orak, Verum, Scorch and Felix were spending some time outdoors. A cute hare hopped beside Scorch. “I always wondered what the ancestors of such creatures looked like,” Verum said, handing Scorch a sandwich.

“I have some news about that,” Orak lit up, “Greenland, the world’s largest island in North America, has an area called Kap København Formation. The researchers recently found the world’s oldest DNA there.”

“DNA?” Scorch said, only faintly remembering the term.

“DNA is the information coded inside every living thing that decides their look, behavior, and function. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid,” Felix reminded Scorch.

“Oh, right! I remember now. How old is this DNA?” Scorch said.

“At least two million years old,” Orak exclaimed, “This ancient DNA tells the scientists of a world that existed so many, many, many years ago. They found traces of elephant-like creatures, reindeer, and geese living in those times. They also found Arctic shrubs, herbs, ferns, and even marine life including horseshoe crabs and algae. This is a huge discovery,” Orak paused as Verum asked, “Huge discovery? How?”
“Because today, Greenland is a cold desert. This discovery tells us that it used to be a lot warmer for these animals and plants to survive,” Orak said.

“I am speechless, Orak. This discovery is fascinating,” Felix said. Scorch and Verum nodded their heads.