Verum woke up early in the morning. She went to her crystal ball and said, “Dear crystal ball, can you tell me today’s news?” The crystal ball whirled round and round. Images appeared on it. The Sun was burning brightly. People were sweating and they looked sad. No one but Verum could make sense of these images.

“Oh! my MysticLord,” Verum said, “During future heat waves, many parts of India might become too hot to live in!”

“Really?” Orak said groggily.

Felix, who was half-awake, recited in his sleep, “Climate change is global warming. It is the increase in the temperatures all over the world.”

Verum added, “And due to this global warming, there are heat waves. A heat wave is a period of unusually high temperatures. This year, too, India experienced a heat wave.”

“I remember. Many people lost their lives,” Orak said.

“A new World Bank report says that it might become worse in the next few years. At least 3.4 crore Indians might lose their jobs!” Verum said.

“How?” Felix woke up fully with a start. He looked worried.

“Most Indians do physical work outside. Physical work requires a lot of strength. If the temperatures keep rising, then working outside will become extremely difficult and tiring,” Verum said.

“India needs to take swift action against climate change!” Felix said. Verum and Orak nodded in agreement.

“It is so early. Go to sleep, Mysticals,” Scorch mumbled in her sleep.

Felix, Verum, and Orak grinned at each other. They jumped on Scorch’s bed and said, “Scorchie, wake up, wake up! It’s time to go to school!”

“Ugh,” Scorch groaned.