“Where have we come now?” inquired Scorch. Verum, Felix and Scorch had just hopped into Orak’s Tempus Machine, not knowing which place they were going to explore.

“We are at Manaus in Brazil and we have come to a place that is over 120 years old! It is an opera house! Ta-da!” saying this Orak stretched his arm out and pointed at the structure.

“Splendid!” Scorch was in awe of the place.

“This is the famous Teatro Amazonas. It is listed as one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. Its architecture is primarily Renaissance style and its construction materials were brought from Alsace, Glasgow, Scotland, Italy, and France,” Orak filled in the Mysticals with details about the place.

“I love how humans have such a wide variety of interesting places to visit,” marveled Verum.

“True! The human world is filled with wonderful places, man-made and natural!” Felix added.

“Who designed this opera house, Orak,” Scorch wanted to know.

“It was ideated in 1881 and construction began under Italian architect Celestial Sacardim in 1884,” Orak replied.

The Gifted Four stayed the evening at the opera house and then returned to MysticLand.