“Mykonos is filled with dozens of small churches with snow-white exteriors and colorful domes. Among them all, this iconic church is considered the best to click photographs,” mumbled Orak as he was posing for a picture. The Gifted Four were in Mykonos, Greece. They were visiting the Panagia Paraportiani, a church.

“Look at the view! Let’s wait till sunset. I am sure we will get to see the natural beauty with the sea in the background,” Scorch demanded. The others nodded.

“It dates back to the 1400s! It faces the sea at the entrance to Chora and is a perfect example of Cycladic architecture. It is a national monument. It has an asymmetrical shape as it is actually five tiny churches squeezed together – four below and one above,” Orak read out from the information brochure.

“Interesting,” said Felix as he flew above to get the full view.

Orak continued reading, “Its name means ‘Our Lady of the Side Gate’ in Greek.  Also, it is the most-photographed church in the whole world!”

“I know why!” Verum said as she posed for another picture with Scorch.