“Mysticaaaals!” screamed Scorch, “Morocco has created history at FIFA! Mysticaaaaals…!” Hearing the scream, Verum almost dropped the crystal ball, Felix scratched a small part of his wing while washing it, and Orak dropped a screw from his hand.

The Mysticals ran to Scorch, “What is it, Scorch? Has Bruha created a problem in Morocco? I heard you said Morocco” asked Orak.

“And I also said FIFA!” Scorch stressed the word FIFA and added, “Morocco has become the first-ever African team to reach the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup!” cried Scorch.
Everyone paused, relaxed, and clapped. Felix asked, “Whom did they beat?”

“Morocco defeated Portugal. This is a huge historical moment for Morocco.

Football teams from different countries in Africa have reached the quarterfinals earlier. It includes Senegal, Ghana, and Cameroon. But this is the first time that an African country team has reached the semifinals,” Scorch answered.

Orak said, “That’s wonderful! Who will Morocco play against in the semifinal match? The semifinal involves four teams, right?”

“Yes,” replied Scorch, “Morocco will play against France. The other semifinal will be between Argentina and Croatia.”

Felix’s face lit up when he heard the country, Argentina. He silently hoped for his favorite player Lionel Messi’s team to win the World Cup.