The Gifted Four were cheerfully taking a stroll on the MysticPond’s sidewalk. Tiny, shiny fishes could be seen swimming in the glittering water.

“I have an update about sharks! Fishtek, a company in the United Kingdom, has manufactured a device that can save millions of sharks,” Felix smiled as the fishes gathered near the edge of the pond to meet their friend.

“Since when do dangerous sharks need saving,” Orak asked with a raised eyebrow, “And how does this device work?”

“Rightly said, Orak. Sharks don’t get the attention they need because they are known to be dangerous. However, there has been a great decline in the number of sharks around the world. They often get caught in fishing hooks that are meant for catching other fish such as tuna.

This device, called SharkGuard, will fit onto the longlines used by fishermen. It will then create an electrical field around a baited hook, which sharks and rays can pick up on,” Felix explained.

“Won’t the other fishes also pick up on this signal and go away,” Verum asked.

“Sharks and rays have special receptors. But fish like tuna cannot sense these signals and will still be caught. The company has tested this device in southern France already.

They found that the accidental catching of sharks was reduced by 91% and for rays, it was reduced by 71%. The number of tunas caught was not affected by SharkGuard on the hook,” Felix answered.

“Wow. I’m glad people are working towards protecting endangered sharks in such simple and effective ways,” Scorch said.

“Hopefully, several fishermen will understand the merit of devices like these and use them too,” Orak added.