Scorch hustled into the room, shouting, “Felix! Felix! Where are you? I have great news for you.”


Felix, who was cutting out pictures of beautiful plants from a magazine, dropped his scissors and flew to Scorch, saying, “Scorch! I’m right here. What happened?”


“A company from America has come up with an idea to make the Earth clean and green” Scorch informed in one breath.
Felix opened his mouth big.

Scorch explained, “Yes! BlocPower is a company based in Brooklyn, United States of America (USA). They aim to turn rusty old buildings into eco-friendly, smart, and fully electric ones. This will reduce electricity bills, bring down carbon footprints, and maintain a clean environment.”


“What is a carbon footprint?” asked Felix.


“Carbon footprint is a term used to show how much harmful carbon dioxide gas is present in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming and its symbol is CO2. It is released into our atmosphere due to the heavy use of transportation, meat consumption, and household energy,” answered Scorch.


“That sounds scary!” Felix replied.


“Yes! That is why BlocPower said it can replace the old equipment in people’s homes with modern and all-electric equipment that is healthy for the planet.


The company’s target is to transform 125 million buildings in the USA and make them eco-friendly,” Scorch informed.


“Whoa! That is a big number! How will it reach out to all the houses?” asked Felix.


“BlocPower has planned to go block by block and speak with the owners about its cleaner energy concept,” said Scorch.


“What a brilliant idea! Thank MysticLord that we have magic to protect our MysticLand. Humans have to work so hard to protect the environment,” uttered Felix.