The Gifted Four were several thousand miles away from MysticLand. Orak had fired up his Tempus Machine to take the Mysticals to Australia.

“Are we here for the kangaroos,” Felix was excited.

“Yes, we will do that when we are going back. But first, we are here for awe-inspiring science. We have just arrived at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO) in Western Australia. An observatory is a place where the telescopes and other scientific equipment are kept,” Orak said as he pressed some switches on his Tempus Machine, and brought it to a halt.

“Why,” Felix’s excitement was at its peak now.

“Square Kilometer Array (SKA) is an observatory and it finally started the construction of the largest telescope in the world last week! It is called one of the huge scientific projects of this time.

It will be completed in 2028. It is split between South Africa and Australia, and it will help humans find answers to many questions related to space,” Orak explained very slowly.

“I am confused. Aren’t telescopes mirrors? How can a mirror stretch over two continents?” Scorch said.

“Telescopes come in various designs. The SKA is a radio telescope. Instead of having a very big mirror to collect radio signals, scientists will have antennas spread over a large area,” Orak said.

“That is amazing! We can learn so much about this universe with the help of SKA,” said Verum.

Orak again flipped some switches on his Tempus Machine to start it and flew to the construction site in South Africa.