Verum was in the garden with Felix helping him note down some new plant species.

Verum’s crystal ball buzzed, and she ran to see it. Felix followed her.

“Wow! An Indian has won an Earthshot Prize this year,” Verum exclaimed.

Gazing at the crystal ball, Felix asked, “Earthshot Prize? What is that?”

“Earthshot is Prince William’s initiative to solve the Earth’s environmental problems,” said Verum, “It is awarded to five winners annually. People from all over the world participate in it,” explained Verum.

Orak, who had just stepped into the dorm room, with Scorch, asked, “Oh! I heard that. So, who are this year’s winners? You said there was an Indian, right?”

“Yes,” replied Verum, “India’s startup company, Kheyti, won the award. Kheyti is focused on helping farmers and reducing climate risks.”

“That’s truly innovative. The other winners are,” Scorch paused.

“The other winners are 44.01 company from Oman, Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef from Australia, Mukuru Clean Stoves from Kenya, and NOTPLA from the United Kingdom.”

Scorch and Felix cried in unison, “Kudos to the winners!” Orak and Verum clapped along.