Verum was pacing restlessly in her dorm room. Felix, Orak, and Scorch looked at each other, waiting for the right moment to ask Verum if she was okay.
“It’s been more than two weeks since women in Iran started to protest. I hope the unrest settles down,” Verum said aloud, not realizing that her friends were waiting for her to say something.
“I knew it! What happened in Iran? Did your crystal ball show you something disturbing in Iran,” said Felix asked, tilting his head.
“Oh! You three are here! I did not see you guys,” said Verum surprised.
She went near her crystal ball and started sharing the news with her friends, “Iran is a country in the continent of Asia. In this country, it’s compulsory for women to wear a headscarf called hijab when they go out in public. But recently, Irani women got together to protest the wearing of the hijab.”
“Irani women want to wear the hijab if they want to and not want a government rule to make it compulsory,” summed up Orak.
“Exactly,” replied Verum, “Women in Iran have taken to the streets, protesting for weeks now,” explained Verum.
“What is the latest development,” questioned Scorch, with a serious look on her face.
“As per the latest reports, the European parliamentarians have extended their support to this issue of women’s clothing. The United States too has said that it will impose sanctions on Iran if it takes any action against the protesters. Now, the Iran women have also found support from most countries in the world,” replied Verum.
“I hope the government and its citizens peacefully and mutually resolve the matter,” said Scorch.
“Keep us updated, Verum,” added Felix.