Rather than something warm or yummy, the origin of tacos, a Mexican favorite that has taken over the fast-food world, goes back to something dark and scary like silver mines! It is believed that miners in the Valley of Mexico used the word ‘taco’ for cylindrical plugs in the mines resembling the tacos.

Back in the 18th century to blast large rocks, miners would wrap gunpowder in pieces of paper and place them in holes inside rocks. If you think about it, a taco resembles this. Another theory says that Spanish conquerors in Mexico served these delicious corn delights to their captains.

However, when the dish was invented, the idea was to use small fish for the filling of this corn-boat-like dish. Later, when more people learned about it, they added their touch to it like different types of meats.

The typical taco consists of some non-vegetarian ingredients, coriander, onion, spicy salsas, lime juice, guacamole, radish, and of course, a crispy or soft corn tortilla! And they’re available in every corner of Mexico, either on a food cart or in a cute restaurant.

What’s your favorite taco?