The four Mysticals walked to the dorm room after having a scrumptious meal. When they entered the dorm room, Verum’s crystal ball pinged. It was ready with its news for the day!

Verum rushed to her crystal ball and announced, “Georgia has decided to drop the foreign agent law after protests. Thousands of people in Georgia are protesting against the draft law (not a law yet).”

“Georgia is a country in Europe,” Felix added.

“Why are the people protesting? What is the law about?” Orak said.

Verum explained, “The government of Georgia wants to introduce a new law in the country. It wants non-government and media organizations that receive money from foreigners to declare themselves as foreign agents. If they fail to do so, they will have to pay hefty fines. They can also go to jail.

This law is very similar to Russian law. The people of Georgia don’t want this law. They believe, like in Russia, this law will limit their freedom and the freedom of press in their country. Press freedom is the right of journalists to report incidents without any objections from the government.”

“Oh!” Scorch said, “Is there a connection between Georgia and Russia?”

Verum nodded. She said, “Georgia and Russia are neighbors. But they do not have good relations with each other. In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia. Many have accused the government of Georgia of having Russian influence.

But the people of Georgia want the country to be a part of the European Union (EU). The EU is a group of countries that help each other in trade and security. This law would go against the values of the EU.”

“I am glad the situation is getting better,” Orak commented.