It was a sunny afternoon and Orak had come back from school. He was sitting in the dorm room. Felix and Scorch entered soon. Verum brought some ice lollies for them. “Orak, why so glum?” Felix said as Orak sunk into the sofa.

“Last week, Japan was forced to send a self-destruct command to its rocket. The rocket was launched and after 14 minutes, its second engine did not start. This made the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency send the self-destroy command,” Orak said, propping up his face with one hand.

“Oh, no!! It takes so much human effort to build one,” Felix said, sharing Orak’s emotion.

“Exactly,” Orak threw his hands up, “The Japanese space agency spent a whopping 1.22 billion euros to make this particular rocket.   It carried an Advanced Land Observation Satellite, which was set to observe Earth and collect data,” Orak finished as his hands returned to prop up his gloomy face.

“Dear, MysticLord, that’s a huge loss! Do they know what led to the launch failure,” Scorch asked.

“Not yet,” Orak sighed, “Officials are still studying the cause of failure.”

Verum kept a hand on Orak’s shoulder, “Orak, it is a mishap. But the good thing is no life has been lost!”

Orak smiled, “That’s right! Better things forward for Japan and science, I hope.” The Gifted Four enjoyed their ice lollies.