Felix was singing and dancing with the MysticBeasts. Verum stepped out into the garden to see who was dancing. She saw Felix and said, “You are happy, Felix! Did one of your plants come alive?”

“I am overjoyed after hearing that Scotland recently banned a harmful anesthetic from its hospitals. This anesthetic has been found to increase global warming and Scotland has become the first nation in the world to ban its use,” replied Felix.

“What is this anesthetic called? Tell me more, Felix,” Verum said as she perched herself on a nearby branch using magic!

“It’s called desflurane. Doctors use anesthesia on patients to make them unconscious before surgery. This makes the body or a part of the body numb so that the patients don’t feel any pain during the treatment. Desflurane is a widely used anesthetic.

One of the findings stated that desflurane adds to global warming about 2,500 times more than carbon dioxide, which is one of the major contributors to global warming.

In an effort to reduce global warming, Scotland decided not to use desflurane,” Felix explained.

“Oh, my MysticLord!” cried Verum, “That’s a bold move by Scotland. Other countries must also ban this harmful substance.”

Felix assured, “England and Wales have already stopped using it in over 40 hospitals. NHS (National Health Service) England has planned to ban desflurane by 2024.”

“But how do the hospitals now numb the patients?” asked a MysticBeast sitting near Verum. Only Felix could hear its question.

“Hospitals have started using another effective anesthetic such as sevoflurane,” replied Felix.