The entire MysticLand was hyped and dancing. Orak and Felix had just landed in the MysticLand from a short visit to Planet Mars. The two stepped out of the Tempus Machine and asked Scorch, “Why is everyone dancing?”

Scorch gleefully replied, “India won two Oscars this year! It’s the day of celebration in MysticLand and we are cheering for all the winners from the creative field of cinema!”

“Congratulations to all the winners,” Felix clapped with a big smile and asked, “Tell me more about the details and the winners, Scorch.”

“The Academy Awards, popularly nicknamed the Oscars, have been held every year in Hollywood, California since 1929. The award function is often held in February-March. The 2023 Oscar Awards event was held in Los Angeles. There are many categories under which different talented humans from the cinema from across the world are nominated and honored with the award for their contributions to their respective film industries.

This year, the Indian Telugu film RRR’s famous song ‘Naatu Naatu’ won the Best Original Song award,” Scorch shared.

“Oh, yeah! I remember that song. You taught me the dance steps,” said Felix, “What was the other category that India won?”

Scorch replied, “The Elephant Whisperers was nominated and won the Best Documentary Short Film. The film depicts a beautiful warm story of the bond shared between the elephant caretaker couple, Bomman and Bellie from Tamil Nadu, and the baby elephants. It also highlights the need to protect and preserve not just our forests but also the animals living there.”

“That’s incredible!” exclaimed Felix, “Tell me more about the other categories and awards, Scorch.”

Scorch answered, “A movie called ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ performed exceptionally well even at the Oscars as it won seven awards in various categories like best-supporting role, best picture, writing (original screenplay), directing, etc.

Brendan Fraser won the best actor award and Michelle Yeoh won the best actress award.”

The MysticLord appeared out of the thin air and swayed to the music with the magic wand in his hand and a bright smile on his face.