The very excited Gifted Four got onto a bus from London city and made their way to the Warner Bros. Studio where all the Harry Potter movies were shot. The idea of magic existing among humans is close to home for the Mysticals.

In fact, there was even a movement in MysticLand where some believed that JK Rowling, the Harry Potter author, could have somehow been in touch with someone from the inside. After a check with the crystal ball, they realized her imagination and creative ability were just spectacular!

At the entrance of the studio, the four picked up a passport that they could get stamped from the houses of Hogwarts. Felix was especially happy at Ollivander’s wand shop where he picked up Ron Weasley’s wand.

The four Mysticals spent quite some time at the Gryffindor’s dorm room and absolutely loved the recreation of the forbidden forest! Yes, Aragog is right here! After many hours spent in happiness, they ended their trip with a good old mug of butter beer. Cheers to magic!