The Gifted Four were spending some time by the pond. Verum stared intently at the water. “What are you trying to find, silly?” Orak teased. Verum pouted and said, “Maybe a fish or a turtle. They are so cute!”
Felix smiled, “That’s true and I think that’s the reason why humans in Australia recently released 10 Manning River turtles back into the wild. They were released in Manning River in South Wales.”
“Released? Were they kidnapped,” Scorch said, confused.
“Haha! No,” chuckled Felix, “These turtles had hatched from eggs. These eggs were in a nest that was caught in the Australian wildfires last year. 
Volunteers who were helping douse these fires noticed the fallen nest and rescued these turtles. Such people who protect and preserve the environment and wildlife are called conservationists,” Felix explained.
“Thank goodness! I was worried at the mention of fire,” Orak said, breathing a sigh of relief.
“These turtles are unique and they can survive only there. They are, in fact, found nowhere else on Earth,” said Felix.
“Oh! Do they also look different from other turtles,” Scorch asked.
“Yes! These tiny creatures have a distinctive yellow stripe down their cheek and neck,” Felix answered. 
“I’m so glad they were protected in time. I hope they are happy back in their natural waters,” Verum said.