The Mysticals were deep diving in the ocean. “Hey Mysticals,” called Felix and pointed out, “Look at this manta ray fish (a type of big fish with diamond-shaped flat bodies). It is moving like a robot.”

“That’s because it is a robot, Felix!” explained Scorch, “It is a manta-ray-shaped robot called AlgaRay. It was developed by Seaweed Generation to get rid of carbon dioxide (the symbol for this gas is CO2).”

Felix couldn’t believe what he saw, “A manta-ray-shaped robot? I thought it was a real manta ray fish. Can you explain more about this AlgaRay, Scorch?” asked Felix.

“Sure,” began Scorch, “Seaweed Generation is a robotics company in the United Kingdom (UK). It aims to remove sargassum and deposit it at the ocean depth. Thus, they developed the AlgaRay robot resembling a manta ray.

“Why do they want to remove it? Is it harmful?” asked Felix.

“Yes, it is harmful,” replied Scorch, “Sargassum (large brown seaweed that floats in water) absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2). Billions of this seaweed get washed ashore in Mexico.

Carbon can harm the environment if it is in huge amounts. So, this robotics company made a brilliant invention to eliminate carbon content.

The AlgaRay robot collects all the seaweed and takes it to the ocean’s depths. Without sunlight, the seaweeds die. The carbon in the seaweed remains trapped on the seafloor.

By doing this, billions of tons of carbon dioxide are removed from the ocean.”

“That is wonderful!” exclaimed Orak, “How will the robots get their power to work underwater?”

Scorch replied, “The 32-feet robot will be powered by solar energy (energy from the sun). The current plan is to employ 10 robots at the Mexico beaches.

In the future, the idea is to have over 1000 AlgaRay robots that will eliminate the seaweed from the sea.”

“What an amazing initiative by the Seaweed generation!” remarked Felix.