The Gifted Four were zooming past Earth in Orak’s Tempus Machine. “Can we stop for a moment,” Verum requested.

Orak pressed a button and the Tempus Machine slowly came to a halt. “What’s up, Verum?” Orak asked.

“Now that we are looking at Earth from afar, I can see these distinct shapes. Like,” Verum pointed towards South America, “that mass of land looks like a triangle. But the other big masses are different. Why is that?” she said, scratching her head.

“I love how observant you are. She is describing continents, isn’t she, Orak?” Felix prodded.

“That’s right. Such large geographical regions are called continents. Scientists have been studying them for a while now. They keep changing over long periods. In fact,” Orak lit up as he recollected news he had read a few days ago, “just recently, scientists at the University of Sydney, Australia, found out more.

They found that several factors are responsible for how these continents have reached their present shape. Not just present, but their future shape and size as well. The scientists created a video that shows this evolution of Earth’s geography.”
“That’s amazing. How did they manage to make this video? It’s not like they have Mystic Lord’s powers,” Scorch was stunned.

“They study many things. Like the movement of the rocky plates that Earth is made of, the movement of rivers, and historical events. Pages from history have given them several fascinating clues like the renowned Himalayan mountains in India were formed because of the collision of two big landmasses,” Orak explained.

“Woah. I’m so in awe of human beings and their intelligence,” Verum said.

“Let’s get home and check out this video on Verum’s crystal ball,” Felix said. The Gifted Four then zoomed off to MysticLand.