The four Mysticals returned to their dorm room. Verum was feeling very happy. They had just taken their last exam!

As soon as Verum entered the room, she rushed to her crystal ball that was humming loudly and had turned into a ball of blue. Crystal balls were not allowed in the exam hall. “Oh no!” Verum said as she looked up from her crystal ball, “another calamity has struck the earthquake-hit Turkiye.”

“What happened?” Orak said, worried.

“Heavy rains caused flash floods in the Malatya, Şanliurfa, and Adiyaman regions of the country a few days ago. A flood takes place when water overflows on land. Flash floods are sudden floods. Many roads were destroyed in the floods. Cars were swept away. Homes were submerged.

Floods have hit regions that were affected by the earthquakes last month. Many survivors of the earthquakes are living in campsites. The rain drenched all the campsites. It has brought misery to thousands of people who were already homeless due to the earthquakes,” Verum answered.

“In February, major earthquakes hit Turkiye as well as Syria, and thousands of people lost their lives,” Verum reminded her friends.

“There’s no relief for the Turkish people!” Scorch shook her fist angrily.

“Were many people affected by the floods?” Felix said.

Verum nodded, “At least 14 people have lost their lives. Several are still missing. Rescue operations are ongoing.”

“I hope the floods stop soon and the people of Turkiye feel safe again!” Orak wished.