“Fellow Mysticals,” Felix began, “There’s distressing news from India. Yet another cheetah has tragically perished at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. This was the seventh cheetah that lost its life in just the last two months.”
“How could this happen? Cheetahs were reintroduced with such hope in India!” Scorch’s fiery eyes flickered with sadness as she recollected the news from a year ago.
“Indeed, eight cheetahs were brought to India last year all the way from Namibia, a country in South Africa. India had no cheetahs for 70 years. They had gone extinct. So, bringing cheetahs from South African parks was a way to repopulate the species in India,” Felix narrated.
“What led to such its passing?” said a curious Orak.
“The forest department officers said the male cheetah, named Tejas, died from fighting with a female cheetah. Before Tejas, three adult cheetahs and three cubs had died, too, because of kidney failures and other injuries.
Animal conservation experts are saying maybe the habitat at Kuno is not suiting them,” explained Felix.
“The park must be under heavy security?” said Verum, sensing the seriousness of the matter.
“Yes! There are concerns about other predators attacking the cheetahs as well. Cheetahs hold profound symbolic value in India, and the authorities are already discussing if a relocation might be needed,” concluded Felix.
“Let’s hope for the best!” Scorch said, silently praying for the cheetahs.