Felix and Scorch were strolling along a beach in Fiji. Seeing a horse, Felix exclaimed, “Look at that horse’s hair, Scorch! It’s majestic.”
“Yes, it is,” replied Scorch, “This reminds me of Singapore’s Turf Club which is going to shut down.”
“I love that place. I enjoyed watching the racehorses last year. Please explain more about this,” inquired a concerned Felix.
“I enjoyed it as well,” agreed Scorch, “Singapore was introduced to horseracing in 1842 by a Scottish merchant, William Henry Macleod Read.
Along with other dedicated people, William transformed a place filled with swamps (a saturated water-filled area) into a racecourse. It was called the Singapore Turf Club in 1924.
The place attracted people from Europe, China, and Malaysia. The Singapore Turf Club was later moved to another location called Kranji. The place has a five-storey seating, where 30,000 people can sit, worth 500 million Singapore dollars. The Turf Club hasn’t been famous in recent years, and attendance has declined.
So, the Singapore government decided to remodel that land into public and private housing to meet the rising society’s needs. The 100th Grand Singapore Cup in 2024 will be the final event in that place.
Queen Elizabeth II had a great interest in racehorses. She visited the Singapore Turf Club twice, in 1972 and 2006. After 180 years, the legacy comes to an end.”
“That’s sad,” remarked Felix, “Let’s gather the other Mysticals and travel in Orak’s Tempus Machine to the Singapore Turf Club. I want to witness the 180-year legacy one last time.”
Felix and Scorch hurried back to MysticLand.