The Gifted Four were resting after a long day at school, followed by some serious homework and preparing a project. They decided to head to the MysticGarden in the evening to spend some time in nature.

Verum was sniffing roses when a honeybee flew out of its centre. Verum jumped at the sight of the bee and started running in circles. Felix reached out and comforted Verum, “Hey, it won’t harm you!”

“I heard a bee sting hurts a lot,” Verum was not convinced.

“Bees only bite you when you harm them, Verum. Look at the bee, it’s actually more scared of you and is going its way,” Felix pointed out and giggled.

“I’ll tell you something that will make you feel even better about bees. In Scotland, United Kingdom (UK), a hotel has started a bee therapy retreat,” Felix shared.

Orak’s eyes widened, “Whoa! Really?”

“Yes! Eastern Europe has witnessed an increasing popularity of apipods for several years. Apipods are wooden huts with beehives surrounding its exterior. When people stay in these apipods, the scent of honey and the vibrations from bees heals them. It can even help in treating respiratory conditions, that is any ailment related to breathing,” Felix explained.

“Is this verified,” Verum pouted, again in doubt.

“In the UK, this is the first bee therapy retreat. Six beehives housing at least 60,000 honeybees have been put beneath the wooden floor of the hotel apipods,” Felix said.

“That sounds like an amazing retreat,” Orak said and tapped Verum’s shoulder, “maybe we can take Verum there,” he winked.

“Or, maybe not!” Verum retorted with a smile.