The Gifted Four were zooming past the largest solar farm in the world situated in Rajasthan, India, the Bhadla Solar Park.
“This place is unbelievable!” Orak said.
“That’s true, but you know what’s all the more unbelievable? Solar panels are a disaster in waiting,” Felix declared.
The other three shrieked at once as if they had practised it: “What!?”
“Solar farms help you use sunlight to create energy. They are such a clean way of generating energy. How can this be a disaster or a risk to humans?” Scorch mumbled, still in shock.
“Yes! Allow me to enlighten you three. If you count the solar panels installed worldwide, the number can go up to 2.5 billion. Now, solar panels have an average lifetime of 20-30 years only. But humans still do not have a proper system to recycle outdated solar panels when they are discarded. Imagine a mountain of waste filled with panels,” Felix explained.
“I can now imagine a range of mountains and it does not look good. It’s a huge concern. I see now how it is a true disaster in waiting,” Orak gasped.
“Exactly! By 2050, humans will need to put together a swift system to recycle these solar panels otherwise there will be a huge amount of waste that they won’t know how to deal with,” Felix agreed.
“I have faith in humans. But experts in the UK and Australia have already identified this problem, haven’t they?” Verum quickly searched through her trusty crystal ball and blurted this information.
Felix smiled, “Yes, they have. I hope they can find a solution soon! However, it is undeniable that solar panels and farms are amazing substitutes for energy generation!”