Vendee Globe 2020 has started and sailor Pip Hare is sailing and smiling (and struggling) her way to the finish line in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France, where the race started.

Vendee Globe was founded in 1989 by Philippe Jeantot and has taken place every four years since then. It is a non-stop race around the world which is to be carried out by only one person on the boat – the skipper (sailor or captain of a boat), of course. No one else can accompany them. So far, only 71 people have successfully completed the 40,075 km race.

Hare was recently spotted 1,000 miles south of Western Australia, bravely facing the attack of wild winds, puddles of seawater all over the deck, and constantly being thrown about by her boat rocking over the waves! All she’s surviving on is freeze-dried food and just a few hours of sleep.

“It sounds frightening! And a lot of hard work and discomfort,” said Felix. It’s pushing Hare to her limits, but apparently, she has dreamed of doing this race her whole life.

The boats for this race have to be very powerful to be able to sail for about three months at a stretch. And you have to be strong enough to solve every obstacle that comes your way on the ocean.

Hare says she has had moments where she has yelled at the sky because she couldn’t take it anymore.

And you know why this race is so important for her to win? Because only six women have completed this race, and not once has any come first. So, if Hare wins, she’ll be the first woman in the Vendee Globe to accomplish this!

Hare wishes to see more female sailors entering this race and swishing through the finish line! “I shall pray to the water gods to help her win and not be so hard on her,” said Felix, closing his eyes and starting his little prayer.