“There are so many AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs happening in the world. Is it possible that people in offices would soon be managed by AI or computer managers?” Orak wondered out loud.

“Various researchers and business figures are wondering the same,” Scorch replied.

“Jeff Schwartz, a senior partner at Deloitte (a consultancy company), accurately pointed out how we already follow orders from one machine without thinking – traffic lights! He believes that the inclusion of an AI boss wouldn’t affect us much.”

“In a way, AI systems are already at play in a few industries,” Verum added.

“For example, the app-based taxi services use AI technology to automatically hand over jobs to the drivers.”

Felix, who was listening to the intense discussion, piped in, “The AI systems don’t have the capability to show bias towards someone. It can’t favor one employee over others for their education, gender, race, accents, dressing styles, etc. So, isn’t having a computer system as your boss more efficient?”

Scorch nodded, “Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic who is a business psychologist at University College London agrees. An AI system will focus mostly on employee performance. It can help the companies to create discrimination-free, better workplaces.”

She continued, “But Shivvy Jervis from FutureScape 248 (another business consultancy company) disagrees. He believes that the presence of a computer giving orders brings in the question of ethics. Will the computer understand when a human is sick or overworking?”

“That’s a question to ponder upon,” Verum replied.

“Do you know Amazon, the online shopping company, also uses an AI to monitor the work in its warehouses? Once, there were reports of employees being overworked. Amazon has denied the reports. It said the AI system guides the employee towards additional support and training when it finds out if anyone is underperforming.”

“Maybe that’s where a solution lies,” Orak replied. “AI bosses can help human bosses become better managers. AI bosses can give out small tasks, monitor employee performance. Meanwhile, with all such tasks given to the AI, the human bosses can focus on being better team leaders!”

“Yes!” The Mysticals agreed collectively.